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Last Updated March 19, 2006

Welcome to the Flight Planning Center. This is the place to come for information on airports, time zones and city times.

To plan your flight, select from links below.

Preferred Routes and Route Planning...

Airport Information...

Airport specifics (runway length, com frequencies, altitude, ILS frequencies and more) for any airport in the United States.

Identifier, name or city:
Examples: KBOS

Additional Flight Information

Weather Information...

Wx Check...

Aviation Weather Center

NOTAM: The weather forecast information provided to this Web Server by the National Weather Service (NWS) should not be relied on in lieu of officially disseminated weather forecasts and warnings. This server is an experimental means for disseminating weather information through the Internet to a broad range of users. Use of these links acts as your acceptance of the above disclaimer.

NOTAM: Most of this information is presented in standard aviation weather coding. If you are not familiar with the coding of these reports, please use the link to the National Weather Service or Aviation Digital Data Center- it makes the least use of codes.

National Weather Service - Internet

Aviation Digital Data Center

Click here to check the latest weather in your area.

Other Great Flight Planning Tools...

USA Time Zone Information

How Far Is It?

World City Time Search

Great Circle Flight Path Display - shows great circle routes between any points specified

Aviation Charts 101 - some basic information about the types of aviation charts that are available.

Live Air Traffic Control Links

Includes Chicago Approach, Dallas Approach, JFK Tower, Miami Approach, and MORE!

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